Each task requires a structured approach. It is difficult and costly to implement a task without a project, whether it is the installation of a small block or the laying of routes through the entire ship and new system integration on existing systems.

We cooperate with the best design bureau. As a result, you will get a full-fledged project with maximum detail, the implementation of which will not put you in an impasse.

All parts of the task, implemented according to the project, can be made separately from each other.
For example, installation of Ballast Water Treatment System need to be integrated between existing pipes. First, we will make 3D scanning for make existing ship plan in digital. It will be basement for project. After we will lay out pipe plan between existing pipes, will project all pipe turns, pipe angles and pipes length. We will number each pipeline parts for further easy installation. Project will include specification of all BWTS parts. All parts will start producing when vessel will be on way. In correct time our engineers will come on board for installation and commissioning or it can be plan during shipyard visit for repairs works.

This is shortly description why project is important to make in advance.
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