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Shanghai Electric Integrated Power Plant

A system that includes a complete set of power equipment, including variable speed diesel generator sets, DC drive distribution systems, main, lateral, telescopic propulsion motors and propellers, integrated energy management systems (EMS), motion control systems. and medical management systems.

Shanghai Electric Integrated Power Plant
Several options:
  • Controlled traction
    Controlled traction

    The integrated rudder and propeller provide thrust in any direction and have good maneuverability. Suitable for ships requiring position control and maneuvering.

  • Fixed propulsion system
    Fixed propulsion system

    Simple and durable system design. Suitable for vessels requiring high thrust.

  • Cycloid traction
    Cycloid traction

    Provides all-round traction and good handling characteristics. Low vibration and noise. Provides compensation against rollover.

  • Traction movement
    Traction movement

    Simple, reliable and durable underwater design (gear

    + propeller shaft) has a long service life. Engine inside engine room, easy maintenance. Excellent maneuverability, traction screw, high hydrodynamic characteristics.

Execution configuration

AFE electric propulsion. Small system size and weight. Harmonious management.

Virtual 24-pulse motor. Tried and reliable system.

✓ Integrated DC power solution

✓ Hybrid power solution with lithium batteries

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