Quickly and efficiently
To date, the fastest way to get the most measurement data is ground-based laser scanning.
With the development of laser technology, the amount of data available to engineers and related contractors has increased significantly. A complete visual picture of the ship's scanning will allow you to determine the location, geometric characteristics of such elements as the ship's hull, ship's set, ship's power plants, ship's fittings, ship's superstructure.
Enlargement and assembly of components:
After the production of various components, they must be enlarged and assembled on the ship (parts of the ship). Here, 3D laser scanning is used to accurately measure the size and shape of each component to ensure a perfect fit and design.

Quality control and accuracy:
3D laser scanning plays an important role in quality control and precision in shipbuilding. After the components are installed, they are scanned to verify that their actual shape and dimensions match the design requirements. This allows you to identify any deviations and immediately take measures to correct them.

Modifications and adaptations:
During the production of a complex vessel, modifications and adaptations may be necessary. 3D laser scanning allows you to quickly and accurately measure changes, make necessary adjustments to 3D models, and meet new requirements.
3D scanning
Composition and sequence of works:
Departure to the vessel or the place of manufacture and enlargement of parts of the vessel, scanning. 1-2 specialists. Production time - from 1 day
Office processing - point cloud stitching. Production time - from 2 days
Reverse engineering - outlining a cloud of points or cutting sections, building 3d models in volume and form according to the customer's specifications. Production time - from 1 week
3D laser scanning is an integral part of the production process of a complex vessel at various stages.
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