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The mechanical filter system combines a 5 mm coarse filter and a 50µm fine filter for filtration processing. Filter systems are made of 5-layer duplex stainless steel wire mesh. The design of the system is ingeniously justified and based on 20 years of experience in cleaning the area of ​​water of constant type of pollution.
Filters large deposits at the ballast inlet; a fine filter additionally purifies the water for better ultraviolet transmission.
The Ballast Water Management System represents a breakthrough in ballast water treatment technology. The use of a variable filter and medium pressure ultraviolet treatment ensures reliable and reliable treatment while preventing secondary contamination.
Notably, this is the world’s first BWMS system to achieve zero latency approval from the US Coast Guard. The system is certified in all classification societies.

Ballast Water Management System BWMS

BWMS Filtration system

Both filters are uses professional patented self-cleaning mechanisms that do not affect ballasting performance and are controlled automatically.

The self-cleaning mechanism can be triggered when the internal negative pressure increases due to the accumulation of solid particles, can be triggered periodically or manually.
  • filter layer up to 50 microns
  • five-layer homogeneous structure
  • material: stainless steel DUPLEX
  • long service life
Patented pre-filter uses water pulse for passive self-cleaning without consuming energy
Patented fine filter uses high pressure water flow and pressure differential to prevent clogging, enhancing the benefits of UV germicidal treatment
✓ smallest installation footprint
✓ frame and free type of system layout
✓ patented filtration system
✓ anti-corrosion polypropylene lining on all installation pipes
✓ improved UV dose due to optimized hydrodynamic design of the UV reactor
✓ quartz protective flasks for UV lamps

Main advantages:

Coarse filter
Fine filter
Negative pressure suction nozzle
High pressure nozzle
High pressure rinsing water 1.8 MPa
High pressure rinsing water 1.8 MPa
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